Live: Twilight and Ghost Stories


I participated in a live, improvised performance of Chris Schlarb’s Twilight & Ghost Stories, with Ted Byrnes, Philip Glenn, Paul Masvidal, Chris McCarthy, Aaron Roche, Chris Schlarb, Nedelle Torrisi, and Mike Watt, The Velaslavasay Panorama, Los Angeles, 1 November 2013.


Atlas Sets: Bach + Schlarb

The next collaboration in the Atlas Sets project will be with guitarist, composer, producer, and recording engineer Chris Schlarb. Our inital meeting will take place 14 March 2012 in Long Beach. Additional information on recording dates will be announced here and documented on the Atlas Sets page.

Twilight and Ghost Stories


A while back, I e-mailed Chris Schlarb some field recordings for his long-term project, and the result is Twilight & Ghost Stories, a new CD on Asthmatic Kitty Records. Chris wove a few of my recordings, along with contributions from dozens of others, into a dense sonic tapestry of musical snippets, found sounds, and haunting interludes. The CD will be officially released on December 4, 2007.