Soundwalk 2012: Panel and Docent Tour


I will be leading a docent tour of selected installations at Soundwalk 2012 (8 PM), and I will participate in a panel discussion on Sound Art (7 PM), moderated by Marc Weidenbaum, Saturday, 1 September 2012, East Village Arts District, downtown Long Beach. The event is free. Here is a description of the panel (with Inouk Demers and Marco Schindelmann):

“Performed Art: The Fluid Roles of Spectator and Artist in Sound Art.” We’ll be discussing the concept of “performance” and how it relates to sound art. To take just two examples among many: What makes a concert a work of sound art, and what are the roles of the “audience” and “performer” in installation art? We’ll draw examples from the works at SoundWalk, notably those produced this year by the panelists, among other pieces. The goal is to illuminate telling parallels and resonant dissonances between the various participants’ conception of matters of performance in sound art.”

–Marc Weidenbaum

Reviews of Bleu Remix

Here is a blog post from Grand Central Art Center, along with a paragraph on the performance from CSUF Professor Joanna Roach:

“It is with great intention and little pretension that Yann Marussich chooses blue for his performance. In Bleu Remix, Marussich reclines motionless within his heated box, sometimes staring, sometimes with eyes closed, exuding blue. Steve Roden and Glenn Bach’s sound performance Friday night at the Grand Central Art Center was the aural partner to Marussich’s body. Roden and Bach’s sound activates us within the space of the gallery, moving with us around the clear box that contains the artist. But the sound, like the artist’s body, takes us to another place. I’m not sure where it is, but it’s an intense, yet deeply still dimension. I guess it’s a blue place…”

— Joanna Roach, 24 August 2012