Intense Situations of Peril


Flor de Muerto (MPRNTBL, MPRN-009, October 2009)
Torreyana (MPRNTBL, MPRN-004, May 2009)
Standard Peril (2006, unreleased)

ISOP performed Torreyana as part of the 3rd Thursday series, {open}, 2226 E. 4th Street (at Junipero), Long Beach, CA, 15 January 2009. Participants included: Glenn Bach, shea M gauer, Lewis Keller, Jorge Martin, Robert Montoya, Joseph Richard Negro, scott A peterson, Michael Raco-Rands, Marco Schindelmann, and Noah Thomas. Photos here.

ISOP performed Standard Peril at Soundwalk 2006, The Dome Room, 528 E. Broadway (at Linden), Long Beach, 7 October 2006. Participants included: Glenn Bach, Helga Fassonaki, Marcos Fernandes, shea M gauer, John Kannenberg, Robert Montoya, scott A peterson, Jorge Martin, Joe Negro, and Noah Thomas. Video clip of performance here.

ISOP performed Torreyana (opening for Boris Baltschun & Serge Baghdassarians), {open}, Long Beach, 9 May 2006. Participants included: Glenn Bach, shea M gauer, and scott A peterson.

ISOP performed Torreyana, Spring Reverb, Cal State San Marcos, 7 May 2006. Participants included: Glenn Bach, shea M gauer, and scott A peterson. Photos here.

Glenn Bach (Long Beach, CA)
Helga Fassonaki (Los Angeles, CA)
Marcos Fernandes (Yokohama, Japan)
shea M gauer (Long Beach, CA)
John Kannenberg (Chicago, IL)
Lewis Keller (Los Angeles, CA)
Jorge Martin (Long Beach, CA)
Robert Montoya (San Diego, CA)
Joseph Richard Negro (Long Beach, CA)
scott A peterson (Long Beach, CA)
Michael Raco-Rands (Long Beach, CA)
Marco Schindelman (Long Beach, CA)
Noah Thomas (Long Beach, CA)

Active from 2006 to 2009, Intense Situations of Peril was an improvising ensemble of electronic/laptop musicians who performed new, hybridized soundtracks to the cities in which they performed. Source material sampled from the audio track of a mainstream motion picture filmed in a particular city was collaged with raw audiovisual data collected on location. With a fluctuating roster of touring and local musicians and video artists, the ensemble sampled and manipulated the city’s source material, improvising a completely unrehearsed image stream and soundscape, a one-of-a-kind audiovisual remix of place.

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