Currently at just over 900 pages, Atlas is organized into sequential chapters and sections ranging in length from 12 pages to 480. Glenn has been submitting individual excerpts to small magazines and journals since the poem’s origins in 2003. The first excerpt was published in DIAGRAM 4.1 in 2004. Since then, poems from Atlas have appeared in over 60 national and international journals (Glenn self-published a very small edition–10 copies–of the first excerpted chapbook in 2006). The first collection, Atlas 1, is now available from Imprintable Editions.

Atlas 1

The first book of the poem, Peripatetic, was originally inspired by the sounds of my morning walk in Long Beach, California. The book has evolved to encompass a wider range of influences and formats.

477 pages. Imprintable Editions, 25 March 2020.

PDF available here.

Atlas 2

Originally published as a visual poem for my solo show, Atlas EVAD, at the original downtown Long Beach location of {open} bookstore, 30 September-22 October 2006.

PDF and chapbook forthcoming.

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